Picture This...

You spend $250 on a pair of sunglasses from a popular eyewear company. Then, you go out and USE the sunglasses for the first time. It turns out, your favorite pass time includes climbing up rocks with a rope secured to your waist. Your new sunglasses (that are probably worth more than your late-90s Subaru) do what sunglasses do often, fall. There goes a few Benjamins down the drain.

Our goal as a company is to completely get rid of the fear you carry with you when you spend good money on a quality pair of shades.

This is why we stand by our products.

If you break or otherwise damage any pair of WOLFE sunglasses, we will replace them for an unlimited number of times for $35 (goggles are $45).

Never worry again about your drunk friend spiking your goggles on the ground If he does, you can simply take his phone, Venmo yourself $45, and have your replacement goggles in hand in a few days (or the same day if you live in Utah because we'll meet up with you).

To redeem: email warranty@wolfeoptics.com and we'll send you the details.