About Us

High quality, low price. Our goal here at Wolfe Optics is to offer high quality equipment without threatening your financial solvency.

We are a community of outdoor enthusiasts with a laser focus on leveraging the expertise, design, and experience born from a long and robust history of homo sapiens with one common desire- to travel on top of snow, and ultimately, to bring the realization of these efforts to market.

Like you, we're sick and tired of massive outdoor companies taking advantage of consumers… especially the broke ones- like folks in college or who work at the mall.

​We are a humble, but incredibly impressive, Utah-based group of individuals who love the outdoors just as much as you do!

See you on the slopes,

Michael Wolfe, Owner/Founder

Michael Wolfe

From: Chugiak, Alaska

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Owner, Skier, Husband, Father of the brand and of his son, Isaiah.

You'll know that Mike is from Alaska because he literally tells everyone. No one cares, Mike.

Sasha Johnstone


Vladivostok, Russia

➡️ Park City, Utah

Sport: Skier, Content Creator

Jordan Pockrus

Location: Jackson, Wyoming

Sport: Big Mountain Snowboarding/ Split Boarding

Sam Armanino

Location: Lake Tahoe, California

Sport: Videographer extraordinaire #followcam, Skier

Garrett Balen

Location: Lake Tahoe, California

Sport: Skier, Firefighter, Mountain Biking

Otto Solberg

Location: Salt Lake City, Utah

Sport: Photographer, Backcountry Skier

Dominic Alei

Location: Santa Fe, New Mexico



Kyler Christensen

Location: Provo, Utah

Sport: Jumping off of cliffs with nothing but a parachute.

Ari Marks

Salt Lake City, Utah

Sport: Snowboarding

Kerry Sheehan

Location: Bend, OR 🏔


Skier, helping ladies get in the park

Mallorie Estenson

Location: Location: Bend, WA

Sport: Skier, AMGA apprentice rock, ski & alpine guide
AIARE avalanche instructor