The Timber Wolf, found mostly in the great woods of Northwest America, is named for its forest abode. Much like the typical Wolfe customer, they prefer timber to concrete.


Every pair of goggles in our Wide-Angle Collection is named after a species of wolf…for obvious reasons and because it’s cool to name really cool stuff after other, really cool stuff.


    Product Details

    • Frame Color: Black
    • Lens Color: Blue
    • Strap Color: 1 Black, 1 White
    • 1 Mircofiber Storage Bag
    • Comes in branded Wolfe Goggles box


    Frame & Fit

    • Frameless design enhances your field of vision.
    • WIDE-ANGLE field of vision is unmatched!
    • Dual-layer foam with a third layer of soft fleece for ultimate comfort.
    • Glasses Compatible.
    • Helmet Compatible.
    • Adjustable strap to fit any size head to helmet.
    • Woven logo on stretch microfiber strap with wavy silicone grip for a firm fit.
    • Detachable/replaceable strap allows for easy premium-strap upgrades.



    • Blue/purple lenshigh-light conditions.
    • 100% UV protection keeps those pesky high-altitude UV rays from doing any damage to your eyes.
    • Simple to use rotating clips for quick and easy lens swapping.
    • Frameless design and a "bug-eye" frameless design.
    • Ultra wide-angle spherical lens.

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